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A city of northeast New Jersey at the falls of the Passaic River north of Newark, founded in 1791.


(Placename) a city in NE New Jersey: settled by the Dutch in the late 17th century. Pop: 150 782 (2003 est)


1. (Biography) Andrew Barton, known as Banjo Paterson. 1864–1941, Australian poet. His works include "Waltzing Matilda" and "The Man from Snowy River"
2. (Biography) William. 1658–1719, Scottish merchant and banker: founded the Bank of England (1694)


(ˈpæt ər sən)

a city in NE New Jersey. 150,270.
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Noun1.Paterson - American Revolutionary leader (born in Ireland) who was a member of the Constitutional Convention (1745-1806)
2.Paterson - a city of northeastern New Jersey
Garden State, Jersey, New Jersey, NJ - a Mid-Atlantic state on the Atlantic; one of the original 13 colonies
References in classic literature ?
You have introduced yourself to David when you jump the railings without touching them, and William Paterson (as proved to be his name) was at once our friend.
We had been blown, the three of us, to my rooms by a gust of rain; it was also, I think, the first time Paterson had entered them.
David had noticed nothing, but I was strangely uncomfortable, and, despite my efforts at talk, often lapsed into silence, to be roused from it by a feeling that Paterson was looking at me covertly.
A lady, who has several pretty reasons for frequenting the Gardens, recognised David in the street, and was stooping to address him, when Paterson did something that alarmed her.
I recalled other queer things of Paterson, and they came back to me charged with new meanings.
I remembered, also, that while David shouted to me or Irene to attract our attention, he usually whistled to Paterson, he could not explain why.
Then the beautiful nature of Paterson loomed offensively, and his honest eyes insulted over me.
How you would strive to cheat him, even as I strove to hide my real self from Paterson, and still you would strive as I strove after you knew the game was up.
It was all over, Paterson, long ago," I broke out harshly, "why do we linger?
I work very hard to retain that little boy's love; but I shall lose him soon; even now I am not what I was to him; in a year or two at longest, Paterson, David will grow out of me.
Then, with one of those turns that convinced her aunt that she was not mad really and convinced observers of another type that she was not a barren theorist, she added: "Though in the case of Carter Paterson I should want it to be a very long engagement indeed, I must say.
We are, dear Sirs, "Yours respectfully, "Pro CARTER, PATERSON & CO.