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 (ăn′əl-jē′zē-ə, -zhə)
A deadening or absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness.

[Greek analgēsiā : an-, without; see a-1 + algēsiā, pain (from algein, to feel pain, from algos, pain).]

an′al·get′ic (-jĕt′ĭk) adj.


(ˌænəlˈdʒiːzɪə; -sɪə) or


1. (Medicine) inability to feel pain
2. (Medicine) the relief of pain
[C18: via New Latin from Greek: insensibility, from an- + algēsis sense of pain]


(ˌæn lˈdʒi zi ə, -si ə)

absence of sense of pain.
[1700–10; < New Latin < Greek analgēsía painlessness <análgēt(os) without pain (an- an-1 + -algētos, v. adj. of algeîn to suffer, álgos pain)]

analgesia, analgesy

the absence of pain. — analgesic, analgetic, adj.
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Noun1.analgesia - absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousnessanalgesia - absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness
physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state - the condition or state of the body or bodily functions


[ˌænælˈdʒiːzɪə] Nanalgesia f


nSchmerzlosigkeit f, → Analgesie f (spec)


n analgesia, supresión f de sensación dolorosa en el paciente consciente; patient-controlled — analgesia controlada por el paciente
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A wide range of resources including antipyretics NSAIDs and upload agonists antagonist allow to great variation of sensitivity between individuals.2 New technique such as patient controlled analgesia (PCA) and spinal narcotic therapy are becoming essentials for intense pain.3 New concepts have appeared such as treatment units for acute pain while others are gaining momentum like prophylaxis of post operative pain.