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centred on a father or patriarch


(ˌpæ trəˈfoʊ kəl, ˌpeɪ-)

focused or centered on the father.
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In their place, the terms patrifocal, and matrifocal are preferred as a reflection of the absence of hierarchical gender relations, stressing the symbiosis between the masculine and the feminine principles in these societies.
Like the hearths in matrifocal houses, the hearth of the men's house had similar symbolic connotations and elaborations for transforming men from different matrifocal houses into a patrifocal collectivity.
The approval of the new initiation-set's admission to the paternal/fraternal system by the mama no kapah or mamakapah no mato'asay sub-grade, as the medium of the malataw deities in the patrifocal house, was considered a gift of fertile powers and blessings from the generative deities.
Although technology cannot resolve gender inequities arising at the organizational level or alter patrifocal norms, it helps women overcome constraints that are typically greater in developing countries, thereby ensuring a more level playing field for women to compete with men.
Bennett provided a theory which attempts to explain this complexity and how Parbatiyas can negotiate it: they are operating (a) a patrifocal model of deference to seniors, especially male seniors, and (b) a filiafocal model in which men worship their daughters/sisters.
These nomadic hunter tribes brought with them patrifocal mythology that included the worship of a sky god, Zeus.