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n. & v.1.See Patrol, n. & v.
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'I thought I saw him looking through the corner window but this moment,' said Mr Chester, who naturally thought that being on patrole, implied walking about somewhere.
'He is upon his patrole of honour, sir, not to leave the premises.
Friday marked the first day of Eid Al-Fitr (a religious feast celebrated by Muslims worldwide, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan.) More than 5,000 prisoners pardoned On December 20, the cabinet approved a presidential decree pardoning 202 prisoners on the occasion of the anniversary of Police Day and January Revolution; another 517 were released on patrole. On December 14, 676 prisoners were released Friday, as per a presidential pardon issued on the anniversary of October 6 War.
Contract award notice: swiadczenie uslug kompleksowej ochrony obiektw i mienia samodzielnego publicznego szpitala klinicznego nr 1 poprzez prowadzenie czterech portierni oraz patrole podleglego terenu przy ul.
10 -99 RIVER PATROLE (57) P Meany 8 11-4..........................B Browne (7) 11 093 STEADY MAJOR (35) G Elliott 4 11-4 ........................
High Stratos, Lisclogher Lad, Sonny B and River Patrole appear to be making up the numbers.
the patrole [sic]; that he was going up to bring down the black
In September, Powell urged the Assembly to pass 'a Patrole Act to secure us from those who may become internal foes'.
Beicip-Franlab, part of Institut Franais du Patrole, in 1999 did for the government a long-term Gas Master Plan which assessed potential supply and demand by sector and by location and evaluated the commercial viability of each gas-dependent venture.
Camera (Deluxe color), Joey Forsyte; editors, Garth Craven, Sam Craven; music supervisors, Cinq Mambo, Dawn Patrole; production designer, Debbie Lee Cohen; set decorator, Kristan Andrews; costume designers, Jo-Anne Smith (for Dana Delany), Brigitta Bjerk; sound (Dolby), Whit Norris; line producer, Cindy Margulis; assistant director, Jim Hensz; second unit camera, Jim Grce; casting, Nicole Arbusto.
In mid-2003, Lundin sold its 50% stake in Compagnie Franco Tunisienne des Patroles (CFTP) to Spyker Energy, a private French firm, for $3m.
22, 2003, Lundin announced that it was selling its 50% stake in Compagnie Franco Tunisienne des Patroles (CFTP) to Spyker Energy, a private French firm, for a cash consideration of $3m.