Pattern wheel

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(Horology) a count-wheel.

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Ultrasonic bonding occurs when high frequency electrical energy, converted to acoustical, mechanical vibrations and channeled through a horn, creates a rapid heat buildup at the material contact point, causing the fabric between the horn and anvil--or the rotating pattern wheel in the case of the SeamMaster--to soften and fuse.
A special fixture for assembling pleated filters is also available, along with more than 500 standard pattern wheels and custom designs for slitting, sealing, seaming, embossing and tacking.
Moveup to the SEand you getbigger wheels on six-cylinder cars and a different pattern wheel on four-cylinder models, cruise control, automatic air conditioning, multi-function steering wheel and rear park distance control.
The rapid heat buildup resulting from this process is channeled to a pattern wheel that produces precise seams.
A rotary pattern wheel provides continuous, consistent bonding performance for both nonwoven and woven materials.
Projections on a pattern wheel create stitching effects.
PURE also uses Martin Mac 250 Spots, which are DMX programmable moving light fixtures with variable focus beams, dichroic color wheels and rotating gobo pattern wheels.
The unit, which resembles a sewing machine, provides a high clearance between the wheel and horn and features a wide selection of interchangeable pattern wheels.
With the new pattern wheels and just the right amount of chrome on its twin kidney-shaped grille, I couldn't take my eyes off the Coup, though I'm less sure about the trendy aluminium trim around the gear lever or across dashboard and steering wheel.
In addition to reducing production time, the SeamMaster cuts and seals cleanly without leaving frayed or beaded edges and offers hundreds of easily-interchangeable pattern wheels for slitting, sealing, seaming, embossing and tacking.