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(păt′ē, pä′tē), Adelina 1843-1919.
Spanish-born Italian opera singer who was the most celebrated coloratura soprano of the 19th century.


(Biography) Adelina (adeˈliːna). 1843–1919, Italian operatic coloratura soprano, born in Spain


(ˈpæt i, ˈpɑ ti)

Adelina (Adela Juana Maria Patti), 1843–1919, Italian operatic soprano, born in Spain.
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"You're going, no doubt, to hear Patti?" said Tushkevitch.
Could she possibly think in her position of going to Patti's benefit, where all the circle of her acquaintances would be?
Some of the younger men in the club box exchanged a smile at this announcement, and glanced sideways at Lawrence Lefferts, who sat carelessly in the front of the box, pulling his long fair moustache, and who remarked with authority, as the soprano paused: "No one but Patti ought to attempt the Sonnambula."
- US-based biopharmaceutical company AgilVax Inc's board of directors has appointed Joseph Patti, PhD, to the position of president and chief executive officer, the company said.
A stretch of Broad Street was renamed "Patti LaBelle Way" during a ceremony Tuesday.
Yesterday, Stephen, 46, told the Paisley Daily Express that the support has been overwhelming since Patti vanished in November 2017.
1988, Patti met her soul mate, Ernest (Curly) Hanni and they have been married for almost 30 years.
The theme for the evening was 'Fabrication' and Patti explained that she likes to re-purpose and re-use as much as she can both in her day to day life and in her flower arranging.
Based on his findings as a result of interaction with the people of mountainous areas, he said till early 70s almost every household used to weave hundreds of yards of Chitrali patti annually to meet its expenses.
It can be a bit gooey - apart from one startlingly brutal moment when Patti battles with a boorish male rapper who effectively concedes her verbal superiority by butting her in the face - and it is a strangely old-fashioned heartwarmer about talent contests and "putting up flyers".
But Nick is convinced of his heritage and added: "My aunt told me Patti had told her Maurice Gibb was my father.