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also Pat·ois  (pät′wä′, pă-twä′)
Any of several creoles based on English or French spoken in the Caribbean and by communities of Caribbean origin outside the region, especially the English-based creole of Jamaica.

[Patwa Patwa, from English patois, and French patois, patois; see patois.]
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One goal in this contribution is to increase the corpus of published Patwa texts with interpretations about them.
The PATWA award is given annually for best heritage tourism destinations of the world as an appreciation of heritage and its role as a cultural tourism product.
Dinesh Jha and Mohan Patwa were arrested on the basis of a video footage of the incident in Rosera town of Samastipur.
Milton, F, VK Patwa, and RJ Hafner, 1978, "Confrontation vs.
Research suggests that determining appropriate length for implementation sessions, providing strong reinforcers, and providing specific feedback are necessary practices and imperative when utilizing DBRCs for students (Chafouleas, Riley-Tillman, Sassu, LaFrance, & Patwa, 2007; Vannest, Davis, Davis, Mason, & Burke, 2010).
More farmer-friendly than even those run by a galaxy of BJP leaders, including Uma Bharti, Babulal Gaur, VK Saklecha, KC Joshi and Sunderlal Patwa,
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Another language variety, called 'Patwa' by most Jamaicans, is also used in Jamaica.
Opener Abhik Patwa (28) and Shaheed Dhanani (32) tried to steady the ship.
(4.) Vikram Deshmukh, Raunak Sunil Patwa, Prachi Bhanudas Chhindam.
John Lodewijks and Professor Nitin Patwa of SP Jain School of Global Management analyse the political and economic relevance of Greece's debt situation within the Eurozone and the Middle East and the impact on international currency markets