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n.1.A kind of bread. See Pone.
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If he wrote such serious long plays as Daur-e-Junoon and Naeem Ahmed banam Saleem Ahmed and serials like Sitara aur Mehrunnisa, he wrote Angan Terha and a number of shows such as FiftyFifty, Shosha, Studio Dhai and Studio Paune Teen, which were all hits.
Pakistani rock singers of Paune Paanch music band Saif Malik, Adil Azim, Faizan Baig and Sohail Ajaz charmed their way through the visitors and won welldeserved accolades.
He was "the first ordained Nepali pastor, translator of the Nepali Bible (completed in 1914 after forty years of labor--he was made a life governor of the British and Foreign Bible Society), pioneer in Nepali literature, and owner of the first Nepali press." (15) In 1914 Ganga Prasad returned with his extended family to Kathmandu to establish a Christian presence there, but they were expelled by the Rana rulers with the words, "There is no room for Christians in Nepal!" A great legacy of Ganga Prasad was a hymn he wrote that for fifty years expressed the expectant prayers of the waiting clusters of missionaries and exiled Nepali Christians--"Prabhu arji suni leu, Gorkhali le mukti paune dhoka kholi deu ..." Lord, hear our prayer, open the door of salvation for the Gorkhalis....
In November 2007, at the fiftieth anniversary of Nepali Isai Mandali, Nepal's largest church (Gyaneswar Church in Kathmandu), my father and I were among thousands of Nepali Christians singing Ganga Prasad's prayer song, "Prabhu arji suni leu, Gorkhali le mukti paune dhoka kholi deu ..." (Lord, hear our prayer, open the door of salvation for the Gorkhalis ...).
Top Spot SC B 4 Golcar RBL C 0 - K Paune (37) 78 T Riley (9) 33, A Oldfield (24) 94 E Taylor (29) 44, G Siswick (3) 79 N Booth (34) 50, D Smith (owes 17) 59 D Fawthrop (1) 46.
At least their hopes of avoiding that are boosted by the return of prop Marcus Horan, although Frankie Sheahan is out as is Shaun Paune who has been replaced by Jeremy Staunton.
Alternatively, water may be disinfected with oxidative reactants other than chlorine (Camel & Bermond, 1998; Paune, Caixach, Espadaler, Om, & Rivera, 1998; Razvigorova, Budinova, Petrov, & Minkova, 1998).
[17.] Taplin S, Galvin MS, Paune T, Coole D, Wagner E.
He dabbled with theatre too and Paune Chauda August started the love affair with twists to the freedom history to explain the present.