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general overview of technical equipment of civil protection information system within the scope of the contract: - electronic siren pavian - 909 pcs - siren communication units - 44 pcs - equipment of the sehis vvc co system of the republic and the regions - 9 - rds receivers for equipment in the management of property of legal entities incorporated into the civil protection siren warning network -733 pcs
(23) Throughout Thailand, with its majority Buddhist population, there are Muslims of different ethnicities, including Malays, Yunnanese, Bengalis, Arabs, Iranians, Cham, Minangkabau, Javanese, Pavian, Pathan (Pashtu), Punjabis, and Sam Sam (Thai-Malay).
Berth occupancy was 85% at the Port on Friday where total eight ships namely CGM Columbia, MSC Judith, Ikan Sembak, Ikan Salmon, Pavian, Atlantik Glory, Al Salam II and White Puri are currently occupying berths to load/ offload Containers, cement, Soyabeen, Chemical, Diesel oil and LPG Mix respectively during last 24 hours.
Both figures suffered for defending the truth; both suffered at the hands of heretics; both died at Easter; (102) Christ was betrayed for thirty 'denari', Peter for forty Pavian lire; and by their deaths, both converted many heretics.
"Segundo Paine casado con dos mujeres (1a, Maria Colipi radicada donde Pavian, hijos: Eujenia, Manuel Antonio, Clorinda, Jose Antonio y Julia Rosa; la segunda (Rosario Co....
In the early fourteenth century, the Pavian rector Opicinus de Canistris produced a series of fantastical drawings, interweaving the limits known of known geography with depictions of astral and corporeal bodies.
The ape-man in Die Akten does not merely appear as a silent reminder of man's ancestry, but dreamingly enacts the missing link--the transition from monkey to human being that evolution theory had postulated: "Plotzlich [...] fiel der 'Tierheit dumpfe Schranke' [...] er stieg, sozusagen, aus dem Pavian oder Gorilla heraus, die geschmeidigen Muskeln steiften sich und--'Menschheit trat auf die entwolkte Stirn'" (BA 19, 380).
What is missing is the great tragic 'Weltanschauung', which, however, Robert had achieved in his earlier play Der Pavian. (As the play was never published, we unfortunately cannot assess the validity of Heine's interpretation of it.) The tragic element of Der Pavian is that the baboon's absurd complaints are also recognized by the audience as justified:
She was a strong and able ruler, staring down challenges to her authority mounted by the Parlement of Paris, arranging for the payment of the disgruntled soldiers who were streaming back into the country after the Pavian rout, and holding together a country devastated by the loss of an illustrious list of nobles who were killed in the course of the war.
Academies might furthermore display courtly aspirations, with the Pavian Accademia degli Affidati, for instance, including duelling among its activities, alongside the discussion of Castiglione's Il libro del cortigiano.
Because of its significant musical statement, I certainly would hope to see the motet in three voices with basso con tinuo by the Pavian nun Caterina Assandra enter the repertory.