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also pav·isse  (păv′ĭs)
A medieval shield large enough to protect the whole body.

[Middle English, from Old French pavais, from Old Italian pavese, from Pavia.]


(ˈpævɪs) or


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a large square shield, developed in the 15th century, at first portable but later heavy and set up in a permanent position
[C14: from Old French pavais, from Italian pavese of Pavia, Italian city where these shields were originally made]
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Noun1.pavis - (Middle Ages) a large heavy oblong shield protecting the whole bodypavis - (Middle Ages) a large heavy oblong shield protecting the whole body; originally carried but sometimes set up in permanent position
buckler, shield - armor carried on the arm to intercept blows
Dark Ages, Middle Ages - the period of history between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance
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"That we shall prove," said Goodwin Hawtayne; "but it would be well, ere they close with us, to raise up the mantlets and pavises as a screen against their bolts." He shouted a hoarse order, and his seamen worked swiftly and silently, heightening the bulwarks and strengthening them.
I et studie pavises, at familien til demente patienter oplever skyld, depression, folelse af fiasko og forogelse i byrden som omsorgsgiver i tiden lige efter det demente familiemedlems indflytning pa demenscenter.