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n.1.(Zool.) One of a peculiar kind of spines covering the surface of certain starfishes. They are pillarlike, with a flattened summit which is covered with minute spinules or granules. See Illustration in Appendix.
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Eleven species of parasites, totaling 1,522 individual helminths were recovered from 98 infected fishes, one belonging to Monogenea, Choricotyle aspinachorda Hargis,1956, nine species of trematodes: Brachadena pyriformis Linton,1910, Diplangus paxillus Linton, 1910, Lasiocotus longavatus Hopkins,1941, Genolopa ampullaceal Linton, 1910; Haliotrema Johnson y Tiegs, 1922; Leodera decora, Apocreadium foliatum Siddiki & Cable, 1960; Prolecithochirium spp, one Hemiurid spp.
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Bosque Bosque Bosque Seco Humedo Humedo Tropical Tropical subtropical Especie (0-700m) (0-100m) (700-900m) Paxillus leachi X Spasalus crenatus X * Spasalus paulinae X Passalus (Mitrorhinus) X arrowi Passalus (Pertinax) X punctatostriatus Passalus (Pertinax) sp nov.