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n.1.(Zool.) One of a peculiar kind of spines covering the surface of certain starfishes. They are pillarlike, with a flattened summit which is covered with minute spinules or granules. See Illustration in Appendix.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Species of Amhinema, Boletus, Hebeloma, Laccaria, Paxillus, Phialophora, Russula, Lactarius, Suillus and Thelephora are the commonest associates of conifer roots (Bent et al., 2011; Gao & Yang, 2010; Garcia et al., 2016; Obase et al., 2009) and the Cenococcum geophilum often dominate the community (Horton & Bruns, 1998; Koide et al., 2008; Obase et al., 2009; Taniguchi et al., 2007).
Estructura, biogenesis y dependencia nutritiva de los esclerocios de Paxillus ammoniavirescens (Boletales, Paxillaceae).
In previous studies conducted with mushrooms on oxidative stress, it was determined that TAS values of Omphalotus olearius and Paxillus involutus were 2.827 and 1.230, TOS values were 14.210 and 7.533, and OSI values were 0.503 and 0.613, respectively [35, 36].
lacrymans to metabolize sorghum, causing C-starvation, cell autolysis, and the dilution of secreted protein with cellular protein asseen in C-starved cultures of Paxillus involutus and Aspergillus niger [20, 32].
Wsrod grzybow zawierajacych muskaryne mozna wyroznic strzepiaka ceglastego (Inocybe erubescens) (wlokniak ceglasty), strzepiaka czerwonego (Inocybe godeyistrzepiak czerwieniejacy, strzepiak Godeya), lejkowke odbielona (Clitocybe dealbatasurojadka biala, golabik podbielony, bedlka odbielona) i lejkowke strumykowa (Clitocybe rivulosa) oraz krowiaka podwinietego (Paxillus involutusolszowka, podolszowka, olchowka, krowia geba, krowiak, krowka, swinka).
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[[double dagger], NR] Paxillus involutus (Batsch) Fr.
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Eleven species of parasites, totaling 1,522 individual helminths were recovered from 98 infected fishes, one belonging to Monogenea, Choricotyle aspinachorda Hargis,1956, nine species of trematodes: Brachadena pyriformis Linton,1910, Diplangus paxillus Linton, 1910, Lasiocotus longavatus Hopkins,1941, Genolopa ampullaceal Linton, 1910; Haliotrema Johnson y Tiegs, 1922; Leodera decora, Apocreadium foliatum Siddiki & Cable, 1960; Prolecithochirium spp, one Hemiurid spp.
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Organic acids and water-soluble phenolics produced by Paxillus sp 60/92 together show antifungal activity against Pythium vexans under acidic culture conditions.