Pay day

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On pay days he used to get drunk and come home wearing his paint-covered clothes and bringing his money with him.
The TUC dubbed Wednesday Women's Pay Day because of the 17.9% difference in earnings with men.
Yesterday was dubbed Equal Pay Day, when women effectively start working for free for the rest of the year because of the pay difference with men.
The LWF findings are out to mark Equal Pay Day today - the point in the year at which women effectively stop earning relative to men.
A pay day loan company has been given the go ahead to open up in a busy Birmingham high street despite claims they attract anti-social behaviour
He had received 353,939 restricted shares before a promotion in 2014, and the pay day will be handed over to him this week.
National Equal Pay Day 2018, observed on April 10, is far from a celebration.
Mustafa Kamal also said that it was pay day in the factory the day the fire erupted and the factory authorities had ordered the doors of the factory to be locked to secure the paying off procedure.
HUGE numbers of shoppers in Scotland are set to give Black Friday a miss this year - because it isn't close enough to most people's November pay day.
By NOOR NANJI Press Association PUBLIC sector workers are increasingly turning to pay day loans to make ends meet following the Brexit squeeze on the cost of living.