Pay streak

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1.(Mining) The zone, parallel to the walls of a vein, in which the ore is concentrated, or any narrow streak of paying ore in less valuable material.
2.(Oil Boring) A stratum of oil sand thick enough to make a well pay.
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The preliminary tonnage calculations assumes a consistent pay streak of 20 feet, and a channel width of 200 feet, now estimate a minimum of over 3.
Silverado crews are more than 500 feet into the mountainside as we follow this Swede Channel pay streak.
A common means of mining deep placers at the time was to dig a shaft to bedrock and then drift underground up and down stream along the pay streak.
Trites bulk sampled the pay streak being mined at the time at level 235 of the Cangalli shaft, and reported 27.
The Telegraph pay streak was outlined by last year's surface trenching, when gold values of up to 0.
OTC BB:MYNG) announced today that its Cangalli underground targeted mining (TPS) operation, targeting high-grade pay streaks, maintained a steady production schedule for the first seven days of May.