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Noun1.Payena - genus of medium to large Malaysian trees yielding gutta-percha
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Sapotaceae, sapodilla family, Sapotaceae - tropical trees or shrubs with milky juice and often edible fleshy fruit
gutta-percha tree - one of several East Indian trees yielding gutta-percha
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Gutta percha was a latex collected from certain varieties of trees belonging to the Sapotaceae genus, in particular the Palaquium and, arguably, the Payena species found in Southeast Asia.
Although he did not as yet name it, he was searching for the variety known as Payena. He believed he would find these trees in Borneo because he thought this variety had largely been untouched by gutta collectors.
Unlike others, he believed that what should be grown were the Payena. (43)
Two days later Combanaire confirmed, through the gutta percha samples he was given and from information obtained from two Dayak chiefs who brought him leaves, that the Payena, for which he had been searching, could be found in the mountainous areas around him.
Various species of Palaquium and the closely related Payena are sold as nyatoh.
Polaquium and Payena species of the Family Sapotaceae
It was obtained from various species of the Palaquium (and sometimes the Payena) genus of the Sapotaceae family, especially Palaquium gutta, P.