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A front-end loader.

[Originally a trademark.]
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A backhoe is similar to but smaller than a payloader.
Tender notice number : CCL/NK/SO(MM)/Kawaski Payloader Sps.
There is no problem on a dairy farm that can't be "solved" with a payloader, often in misguided preference to a more refined solution.
For instance, a contractor might charge a town $500 for three hours' emergency use of a piece of equipment, such as a payloader.
Summary: Within hours of a bizarre attack in Occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday in which a Palestinian man rammed a payloader into buses and cars, killing three people before he was shot dead, Israeli politicians were vowing to respond to the incident with a "tough hand.
In 1941, Hough's Model HL (Hough Large) Payloader was released.
Nobody really needed good-looking steel castings for the front end of a payloader," he said.
Tenders are invited for For Complete Repairing Of Payloader Bucket Payloader 4064 And 4061 At Aaws, Katras Area.
On May 19, armed men torched a payloader owned by a construction firm in Bacradal village here.
Each crew will consist of one payloader equipped with a claw, one street sweeper, four or five dump trucks, two laborers and one foreman.
Six armed men burned a payloader owned by a construction firm owned by the family of Santiago City Mayor Joseph Tan in Barangay Bacradal on Friday (May 19), according to the Philippine Army units stationed in Isabela.
According to the charge, Mayor Aldrin Cerdan in 2012 took advantage of his position and acted in bad faith when he rented out the town's backhoe, payloader and dump trucks to JASA Builders.