v. t.1.To poise.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Mein na najaiz payse loon ga na doon ga, (Don't vote for me because I'm neither corrupt, nor a tout.
The second place was bagged by Denmark's Tina Lund on Payse Heutiere, clearing with a time of 21.82 seconds while Briton's Georgia Tame on Z7 Qamar claimed third with 21.99 seconds.
A1/2Sequentially it's very important that we are certain that we are doing what is necessary in terms of the Basel committee and the FSH and the G-20, what's necessary to make sure banking and financial systems are robust and resilient.e EU Financial Services Commissioner Michel Barnier asked EU nations to adopt the A1/2polluter payse principle, telling them that banks should jointly pay the price of rescuing one of them by contributing to a fund.
Notre payse ne semble pas susceptible d'etre affecte par ce phenomene, de par les conditions qui lui sont propres, a savoir un regime monarchique qui jouit d'une legitimite averee, un pluralisme politique historiquement enracine et des reformes sur les plans politique, economique, social et culturel engagees il y a plus d'une decennie.
Managers Sarah Robbins and Lee Dudley will be serving traditional Black Country dishes, with grey payse and bacon and hearty stew on the menu.