v. t.1.To poise.
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Mein na najaiz payse loon ga na doon ga, (Don't vote for me because I'm neither corrupt, nor a tout.
The second place was bagged by Denmark's Tina Lund on Payse Heutiere, clearing with a time of 21.82 seconds while Briton's Georgia Tame on Z7 Qamar claimed third with 21.99 seconds.
PaySe, the worlds first digital cash solution was adjudged a winner for Democratising cash in the Reserve Bank of Indias (RBI) Payment Systems Innovation Contest.
A1/2Sequentially it's very important that we are certain that we are doing what is necessary in terms of the Basel committee and the FSH and the G-20, what's necessary to make sure banking and financial systems are robust and resilient.e EU Financial Services Commissioner Michel Barnier asked EU nations to adopt the A1/2polluter payse principle, telling them that banks should jointly pay the price of rescuing one of them by contributing to a fund.
N'est-elle pas un peu notre "payse" aussi, puisque aux fastes de la Colonie naissante, beaucoup de nos ancetres et plusieurs de nos martyrs sont venus des cotes lumineuses et parfumees de sa Normandie."
Il a presque le double de l'age de la payse aupres de laquelle il cherche a se consoler de la defaillance de sa belle passagere.
We continued to enhance our solutions portfolio, we launched PaySe - the worlds first offline digital cash solution designed to democratize money, we created a tailored version of FinnOne specifically for NBFCs, and we made our solutions available in the cloud.
Notre payse ne semble pas susceptible d'etre affecte par ce phenomene, de par les conditions qui lui sont propres, a savoir un regime monarchique qui jouit d'une legitimite averee, un pluralisme politique historiquement enracine et des reformes sur les plans politique, economique, social et culturel engagees il y a plus d'une decennie.
Managers Sarah Robbins and Lee Dudley will be serving traditional Black Country dishes, with grey payse and bacon and hearty stew on the menu.
A major provider of transaction banking solutions to the global financial services industry, Nucleus Software, has released an offline smart digital solution, called "PaySe", that could potentially democratize money.
Nucleus Software Exports has rolled out PaySe, the globes first offline digital cash solution designed and created with an aim to democratise money.