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 (ăn′əl-jē′zē-ə, -zhə)
A deadening or absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness.

[Greek analgēsiā : an-, without; see a-1 + algēsiā, pain (from algein, to feel pain, from algos, pain).]

an′al·get′ic (-jĕt′ĭk) adj.
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(ˌænəlˈdʒiːzɪə; -sɪə) or


1. (Medicine) inability to feel pain
2. (Medicine) the relief of pain
[C18: via New Latin from Greek: insensibility, from an- + algēsis sense of pain]
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(ˌæn lˈdʒi zi ə, -si ə)

absence of sense of pain.
[1700–10; < New Latin < Greek analgēsía painlessness <análgēt(os) without pain (an- an-1 + -algētos, v. adj. of algeîn to suffer, álgos pain)]
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analgesia, analgesy

the absence of pain. — analgesic, analgetic, adj.
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Noun1.analgesia - absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousnessanalgesia - absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness
physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state - the condition or state of the body or bodily functions
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[ˌænælˈdʒiːzɪə] Nanalgesia f
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nSchmerzlosigkeit f, → Analgesie f (spec)
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n analgesia, supresión f de sensación dolorosa en el paciente consciente; patient-controlled — analgesia controlada por el paciente
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