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The PDB service names as well as any added services will also be appended with the full domain.
According to the PDB, the maximum power generation on April 29 was 12,200 MW, on April 25 it was 12,067 MW and power generation on April 24 was 12,057 MW.
'We assure that other Petronas stations are not affected,' PDB said in a statement posted on Twitter.
With the formulation of PDB, all the development related projects will find a well-represented home, in terms of technical competencies mainly with regard to technical and financing aspects, where any of the stakeholders can come and negotiate on playing their individual part.
In the financing demand, it is determined by profit sharing rate, PDB and interest rate of Bank Indonesia Certificate.
Priess' chronology of the PDB covers a lot of ground with a cast of hundreds--many of whom he interviewed for behind-the-scenes electricity in this narrative.
Doping-related factors were assessed by asking participants their opinions about (i) the occurrence of doping in swimming ("I don't think doping is used in swimming", "Not sure about it", "Occurs, but rarely", "Doping is often"), (ii) the number of doping tests ("Never tested on doping", "Once or twice", "Three times or more"), and (iii) PDB. The PDB was tested on scale which included four possible answers ("I would engage in doping if it would help me", "I would engage in doping if it would help me with no negative health consequences", "Not sure" and "I do not intend to engage in doping in the future"), but for the purpose of logistic regression analysis the responses on PDB were specifically clustered (see later text on Statistical analyses).
The PDB and India's National Thermal Power Company Ltd (NTPC) will jointly operate the power station, it reported.
coccineus KKUNN01 grown on PDA at 28[degrees]C for 7 d was transferred into PDB and Czapex doc broth medium containing 0, 0.05 and 0.1% (v/v) colchicine solution in test tubes and incubated at 28[degrees]C.
MARC has affirmed its AAAIS/MARC-1IS ratings on PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad's (PDB) Islamic Commercial Papers and Islamic Medium-Term Notes Programme (Sukuk Programme) of up to MYR 2.0 billion.