Pea vine

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(Bot.) Any plant which bears peas
A kind of vetch or tare, common in the United States (Lathyrus Americana, and other similar species).

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The frank, grey eyes, the little nose, turning pertly outward; the chestnut hair, curling like the tendrils of a pea vine, seemed the right end and reward of all his wonderful adventures.
Barley stubble is fight in color, while pea vine is much darker.
Has: zinnia, passion (May pop) vine, red cotton, castor bean, Texas giant okra, angel, yellow and orange trumpet vines, cardinal vine, sweet pea vine, basket gourds, tiny egg gourds
Once, they have grown a little, we supplement the pig meal with table scraps, vetch (pea vine) that grows wild on our place, plus vegetable cuttings from the garden as they become available.
We did not lose even one pea vine and harvested about 15 bushels of field peas.
The recipes range from Oven Dried Tomatoes; Beef and Mushroom Lasagna; Lamb Gyros; and Old Bay Roasted turkey Breast Plus Stock; to White Fish Salad; Farror Cakes with Bacon and Parsley; Purple Potato Salad with Pea Vines; and Beecher's No-Bake Super-Light Cheesecake.
Thin, tender stems that include the leafy tips, pea vines grow close to pea pods.
Even though I didn't hunt every day, I wore out my fingers stuffing pea vines and wheat straw in the stubble straps of my layout, and those early mornings started to get to me after awhile.
For the tartare: 7 ounces lamb loin, cleaned and finely chopped 1 egg yolk 1 tablespoon olive oil plus extra as needed 2 teaspoons cooked bulgur wheat 1 teaspoon minced shallot 1 teaspoon stone ground mustard Salt and pepper For the fava beans: 7 ounces fava beans, shucked and peeled Olive oil Salt For the garnish: Fresh herbs and flowers such as anise hyssop mint pineapple sage, garlic blossoms, sorrel flowers, pea vines, and pea flowers For the tartare: Fold all ingredients together Season with salt and pepper and add more oil if mixture seems dry.
In the L'Oustau garden, long rows of pea vines heavy with pods awaited picking.
Pea vines that lose their moorings will cascade over the strings, where they are wonderfully easy to pick from.
Work over the soil thoroughly, chop up the pea vines in mid- to late-July, and replant with peas exactly as you did in April.