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n.1.A thick loose double-breasted woolen jacket, or coat, commonly worn by sailors in cold weather.
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Our party is complete," said Holmes, buttoning up his pea-jacket and taking his heavy hunting crop from the rack.
The first page was disappointing, however, as it contained nothing but the picture of a very fat man in a pea-jacket, with the legend, "Jimmy Colver on the Mail-boat," written beneath it.
Westmacott clad in a heather tweed pea-jacket, a skirt which just{?
In the early dawn I woke with a start, and was surprised to find him standing by my bedside, clad in a rude sailor dress with a pea-jacket, and a coarse red scarf round his neck.
He was an aged man, clad in seafaring garb, with an old pea-jacket buttoned up to his throat.
Two unidentified drunk persons aged 25-30 violated public order, did not respond to the comments of the police officer, unreasonably tore his pea-jacket straps and inflicted injuries on the police officer," the press service explained.