Peace Garden State

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Noun1.Peace Garden State - a state of north central United States bordering on CanadaPeace Garden State - a state of north central United States bordering on Canada
Theodore Roosevelt Memorial National Park - a national park in North Dakota that includes the site of former President Theodore Roosevelt's ranch
U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA, America, the States, U.S. - North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776
Dakota - the area of the states of North Dakota and South Dakota
capital of North Dakota, Bismarck - capital of the state of North Dakota; located in south central North Dakota overlooking the Missouri river
Fargo - largest city in North Dakota; located in eastern North Dakota on the Red river
James River, James - a river that rises in North Dakota and flows southward across South Dakota to the Missouri
Little Missouri, Little Missouri River - a river that rises in northeastern Wyoming and flows through Montana and South Dakota to join the Missouri River in North Dakota
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North Dakota Nickname: Peace Garden State Famous for: Wheat farming, Theodore Roosevelt Pop: 739,000 Elec/Coll votes: 3 Currently: Rep Chances of switching: 2.
They are men who have traveled great distances, only to be given the cold shoulder upon their arrival in the so-called Peace Garden State.
Energy powered the changes in both--a frenzy of oil development in the Peace Garden State and a drop in oil production in the Last Frontier.
com)-- Although the Peace Garden State is not exactly a magnet for the manufacturing community, the region is the latest focus of MFGpartners.
Even with those annual limitations, the Peace Garden State coughed up 37 Booners--21 typicals and 16 non-typicals--from 2000-2009.