Peace of God

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(Law) A term used in wills, indictments, etc., as denoting a state of peace and good conduct.
(Theol.) The peace of heart which is the gift of God.

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John Rivers-- pure-lived, conscientious, zealous as he was--had not yet found that peace of God which passeth all understanding: he had no more found it, I thought, than had I with my concealed and racking regrets for my broken idol and lost elysium--regrets to which I have latterly avoided referring, but which possessed me and tyrannised over me ruthlessly.
And long afterwards with solemn thankfulness he said, speaking of his wife, "The peace of God came into my life before the altar when I wedded her.
He with his consorted EVE The storie heard attentive, and was fill'd With admiration, and deep Muse to heare Of things so high and strange, things to thir thought So unimaginable as hate in Heav'n, And Warr so neer the Peace of God in bliss With such confusion: but the evil soon Driv'n back redounded as a flood on those From whom it sprung, impossible to mix With Blessedness.
Then came the moment of the final blessing, when the forever sublime words, "The peace of God, which passeth all understanding," seemed to blend with the calm afternoon sunshine that fell on the bowed heads of the congregation; and then the quiet rising, the mothers tying on the bonnets of the little maidens who had slept through the sermon, the fathers collecting the prayer-books, until all streamed out through the old archway into the green churchyard and began their neighbourly talk, their simple civilities, and their invitations to tea; for on a Sunday every one was ready to receive a guest--it was the day when all must be in their best clothes and their best humour.
Jen told of her training in psychology, the misconception and error and of how through Clark's teaching, she received miraculous deliverance and transformation as she recognized the truth about the seat of our emotions, freedom through forgiveness, and how to tap into the supernatural peace of God.
Chronological chapters cover the period from 950 to 1350, from the Peace of God movement through the Hundred Years War and popular rebellions.
To celebrate his appearance on the Welcome Home show, Glenn is also offering an eBook sale for The Reality of Suffering and the Peace of God over Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday.
In the pages of "Fishing For God--And Vice Versa", author and longtime angler Bill Rooney confirms this truth from personal experience, feeling the peace of God while bobbing in the waterways of the United States and even Canada.
By living a life filled with love, charity, humility, hope, and love for God, one is assured of receiving the mercy and peace of God.
May the peace of God rest in your family and loved ones.
This need is for peace in my soul, that peace of God in Christ that is deep and holy and abiding.
Wherever you live and whatever holiday traditions you and your family follow, may the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.