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Adj.1.peach-colored - having the color of a ripe peach
colored, coloured, colorful - having color or a certain color; sometimes used in combination; "colored crepe paper"; "the film was in color"; "amber-colored heads of grain"
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What a disgrace is it to me to take note how many pairs of silk stockings thou hast, namely, these and those that were the peach-colored ones; or to bear the inventory of thy shirts, as one for superfluity, and one other for use
Hogan to a room full of girls, their mothers and friends, pointing to a sequined, peach-colored strapless gown.
these are peach-colored shorts straight from a New York store.
To begin, we sketch minimal outlines on our paper, using peach-colored Craypas[R], which disappears once everything else is colored in.
A brilliant display of peach-colored lights paying homage to Georgia's roots as the Peach State in A Georgia Christmas, along with the event's signature live show, "Because It's Christmas" in the historic Crystal Pistol Music Hall, Peach-flavored Holiday Pies at Big Mo's and Monster Mansion;
Invitations arrived as precious handmade, scalloped, cream-colored fans edged in gold doilies with peach-colored type and peach-colored organdy ribbon bows.
Bieber, 17, who introduced Johnson the snake on the MTV Video Music Awards black carpet in August, is now putting the peach-colored reptile on charity auction site charitybuzz.
In regard to well-wishers who wish to send flowers, Micah Throssel said in a family news statement on Thursday that he and his brother would be grateful for any remembrance bouquets sent to the church - "and Dodie used to joke that she loved 'any type of flowers as long as they were peach-colored.
Now, Hall & Oates are his sole clients, and he navigates opportunities for exposure for the act from a two-story, peach-colored strip mall in the west San Fernando Valley.
The chunky body of the "Ba" is formed from gold leaf, while the same glittering shade forms the background of a peach-colored "Sheen.
At the time of the explosion, Wyman was watching TV in bed, while his two grown daughters and five grandchildren were in another room of the peach-colored home when he heard a loud "woosh" from outside.
Top-heavy and seemingly on the verge of collapse, the ruinous piles were variously embedded with clothbound books, clumps of hair, Mardi Gras beads, pieces of peach-colored latex, a fake hand, a full-size C-3PO head, and several stuffed birds accompanied by white splatters of simulated birdshit.