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A female peafowl.

[Middle English pohen, pehenne : po, peacock; see peacock + hen, female bird; see hen.]
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the female peafowl.
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Noun1.peahen - female peafowlpeahen - female peafowl      
bird of Juno, peafowl - very large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental bird
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[ˈpiːhen] Npava f real
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[ˈpiːˌhɛn] npavona, pavonessa
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He said that peacocks and peahens were the only creatures which did not copulate to produce their offspring.
Peacocks are male peafowl while the females are known as peahens.
"Peacock" commonly refers to birds of both sexes, though technically, males are peacocks and females are peahens. Together, they are called peafowl.
Shortly afterward, an entourage of peahens pop up, the lone male's radiant plumes on full display.
The numerous human physical differences had been imposed on our species by nature herself and for her own usually benign purposes.Yet, strutting over us like peacocks and peahens, members of Caucasian tribes suddenly poured into our continent to display their "whiteness", their straightness of hair and their thinness of lips, alleging these were the apogee of beauty when the deity was creating our species.
The male chases peahens as quickly as he can dragging his fan of fanciful feathers with eyes of gold, blue and green .
Interestingly it's not the peacocks who choose, but the peahens. Studies have shown that, in making their choice, peahens are guided by the state of a peacocks feathers -- number of eyespots, iridescence of the feathers and even the manner in which the male displays its feathers.
Chicks inherit strong immune system if peahens choose peacock with most number of ocelli (Kumar et al., 2013; Saini et al., 2007).
Each pen has the capacity to house two peahens and one peacock.
Generally, the peacocks weighed higher than the peahens. This could be another possible explanation for higher concentrations of RBC, MCV and MCH in males to meet the oxygen requirement of increasing body tissues.
Yet research with eye-tracking cameras has confirmed that female peahens do indeed spend more time looking at "showy" male peacocks, (14) meaning that individual peacocks still enjoy a comparative advantage in reproducing their genes if they have the plumage that attracts potential mates.
For the past few months DZG's four peacocks and two peahens have been kept in the triple aviaries as we adhered to stringent protocols to protect our birds from the recent outbreak of avian flu in Europe.