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The protein is composed of 129 amino acids and has a molecular weight of about 15 kDa, contains a sulfated mucopolysaccharide, and is expressed specifically in the mantle epithelium; from 20 g of crushed pearl powder, natural levels of pearlin expression are in the range of 5-8 mg.
The iconic structures are made with recycled aluminium that was coated using Alesta AE30109207221 white pearl powder.
Yardley's Naturally Moisturizing Bath Bar with Jasmine Pearl is a naturally moisturizing bath bar with mother of pearl powder to help brighten skin tone.
Cosmetics firms often use pearl powder in creams, while Asian natives have long used pearl powder in alternative medicine.
99 for 50ml, Boots This brand new paste promises up to five-shadeswhiter teeth in just three weeks, using a powerful combo of real freshwater pearl powder and professional dental ingredient 'perlite' to gently lift stains.
So, too, the latest offerings, including Pacifica's Coconut Crushed Pearl Bronzing Body Butter ($24) which gives you (or someone you love) a jumpstart on summer, and is made from coconut, Shea butter, essential oils, fruit extract and pearl powder among other ingredients.
Also new are 8-ounce peg bags of Celebration gumballs, which consist of 1-inch gumballs packaged in individual colors per bag; they come in a variety of colors, including pearl powder blue, pearl bright pink, pearl white, silver, orange, black, red and green.
All products are created with Calgon's exclusive Vita-Pearl technology, a blend of vitamin E, pearl powder and collagen, which helps provide antioxidant protection, luminosity and dryness relief.
The spa will open in February 2011, and will offer a signature treatment called 'Pure Pearl' with pearl powder used as an exfoliating agent.
Natural brightening extracts and a gentle form of Kojic acid, blended with pearl powder rich in mineral salts and antioxidants, bring light and life to all skin types, especially for a special occasion.
A The Luminous Dia Gloss lip gloss is the latest addition to Missha's M range and it contains luxurious diamond dust, fine pearl powder and platinum derivatives that promise to give lips a dazzling diamond-like shine like never before.