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(Plants) any of several varieties of apple having a red skin
[C15: from Old French permain a type of pear, perhaps from Latin Parmēnsis of Parma]
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Noun1.Pearmain - any of several varieties of apples with red skins
dessert apple, eating apple - an apple used primarily for eating raw without cooking
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Glittering Love was going his best work at the finish when third to Chanceiton at Alnwick last month and John Dawson's mount wouldn't need to improve much more to take the concluding three mile Open Maiden Race from Pieceoftheaction and Worcester Pearmain.
One of the more unusual for flavour is Worcester Pearmain, which has a firm, aromatic fruit with a sweet, intense taste a bit like strawberries.
Kenton Schools Academy Trust chief executive David Pearmain added: "We are excited to be working with Newcastle United Foundation on this venture, whose involvement will open so many new opportunities and new motivation for young people who have previously fallen behind in their education.
The White Winter Pearmain is thought to have come from Rome, but was first documented in Norfolk, England, in AD 1200.
No wonder Sarah Pearmain, from Birmingham, felt a little concerned when this super spider began to inch its way across her kitchen work surfaces.
A former legal advisor to the national Minister of Health and legal expert in the medical scheme and private hospital industries, Dr Debbie Pearmain, has criticised government for 'over-managing' healthcare service distribution and ignoring demand--side drivers.
For those keen to grow an apple tree in their garden, varieties such as Scrumptious and Greensleeves would be good for people who liked sweetness and crunch in their apple, he said, while Adam's pearmain is a variety which keeps well enough to be eaten after Christmas.
Michael Pearmain SPORT: Daniel Sturridge's Birmingham roots.
Dr David Pearmain, Materials Engineering Manager will also provide an update on Lucideon's low energy firing project, the commercialisation of field enhanced sintering technology - the sintering of ceramics to dramatically reduce temperatures and firing times, and hence energy costs.
Old Sturbridge Village's orchards include these vintage apple varieties: Hubbardston Nonesuch, Esopus Spitzenburg, Sheepnose, American Mother, Roxbury Russet, Blue Pearmain, Grimes Golden, Golden Russet, Baldwin, and Rhode Island Greening.
NEIL PEARMAIN has been appointed Muntons Ingredients 01449 618300 Sales and Marketing Director and will take over all responsibilities for the marketing and sales of our extensive range of ingredients.
The company's latest project, Pearmain Garden on Western Road in the village of Hagley, is a 38 property development of detached four-bedroom homes.