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For the analysis of relationship between the perceived parenting style and social adjustment, Pearson's correlation coefficient was computed.
Correlation coefficients were determined using Pearson's Correlation Coefficient.
The overall Pearson's correlation coefficient was r= -0.
Correlation coefficient (r) between data sets were calculated by Pearson's correlation coefficient.
TABLE 3: Pearson's correlation coefficient of CTRP1 with HOMA-[beta] and HOMA-IR.
An r -matrix of Pearson's correlation coefficient for pairwise comparison of blood-loss volume among the four methods was established.
Pearson's correlation coefficient shows the relationship strength between two variables.
Grade Atrophy Average 95% [delta] Observation degree value confidence amount intervals 1 No atrophy 110,25 -10,48-230,98 60,37 105 2 Mild 18,71 10,84-26,59 3,94 17 3 Moderate 12,67 1,70-23,64 5,48 37 4 Severe 6,92 2,35-11,49 2,28 26 Grade pepsinogen-1 1 25 [less than or equal to] [micro]g/l 2 15 [less than or equal to] [micro]g/l < 25 3 9 [less than or equal to] [micro]g/l < 15 4 0 [less than or equal to] [micro]g/l < 9 Table 3: Correlation gastrin-17 (pmol/l) to other parameters Pearson's correlation coefficient, r, and Spearman correlation coefficient, [r.
The intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC) and Pearson's correlation coefficient were computed to assess the agreement and correlation between the Hb values provided by the two instruments.

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