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Hypocritically benevolent; sanctimonious.

[After Seth Pecksniff, a character in Martin Chuzzlewit, a novel by Charles Dickens.]


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) affecting benevolence or high moral principles
[C19: after Seth Pecksniff, character in Dickens' Martin Chuzzlewit (1843)]


(pɛkˈsnɪf i ən)

adj. (often l.c.)
hypocritically affecting benevolence or high moral principles.
[1850–55; after Seth Pecksniff, character in Charles Dickens' novel Martin Chuzzlewit (1843); see -ian]
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But Baedeker was dreadfully Pecksniffian about these poor innocent etudiantes, many of whom love their lovers much more truly than many a British wife loves her husband, and are much better loved in return.
Within this context, the arguments are Pecksniffian. They are akin to indicting the use of Darjeeling when foretelling the future from tea leaves.
Earlier this week, Mario Balotelli, Liverpool's striker, got into a spot of trouble when he reposted an image on Instagram that offended the Pecksniffian Praetorians of political correctness.
In truth, being an Islamite may be an impossibility for ADP considering the overweening, Pecksniffian unction characterizing Arab social theory about ADP over the last millenia.
He is for ''fair trade,'' aka protectionism disguised in Pecksniffian sanctimony demanding that less-developed nations adopt stronger labor and environmental standards.
We soon see that he is no better--and no wiser--than the "mad" narrator, and a faithful representative of his government, which, notwithstanding its PC Pecksniffian protestations, is at least as nihilistic as the protagonist.
Yet aren't MPs the people who voted the cash for protection - the same Pecksniffian, unctuous Johnny-come-latelies who brought Britain to its parlous state?