Pecos Bill

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Pe′cos Bill′

a legendary cowboy of the American frontier.
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It was an era of frontier justice, duels, escapades, and such legendary heroes as Pecos Bill, Billy the Kid, and more.
Perhaps he is a modern descendent of Pecos Bill. "The Legend of Bob Wire" tells each tale fragment with authenticity and gusto, using larger than life fancy print, and dashing black silhouettes of Bob Wire against desert color backgrounds and outlines of the massive geography of the great state of Texas.
"But it never worked--it was a challenging name, because people would hear it and think they were coming to see Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill."
STURBRIDGE -- Tuesday was a good night for "Paul Bunyan,'' "John Henry and His Hammer,'' "The Power of Powerful Thinking'' and "The African Slave Trade'' but a lousy night for "The Boy's King Arthur,'' "The Song of Robin Hood,'' "Pecos Bill'' and "White Man, Listen!''
In the folklore of the American West, Pecos Bill has been called the creator of the Rio Grande, the lasso, the rodeo and the first cowboy songs.
"Tall Tales wonderweek", reunira los cuentos de Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill, Paul Bunyan entre otros.
But when pawpaw grower Larry Rossi, a slender bespectacled man, presented me with a freshly picked pawpaw, it was clear that unless you were Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill, there was no way you could pick up pawpaws and put 'em in your pocket.
When teaching a unit on tall tales, we read about Pecos Bill who lassos a cyclone.
(10-video set includes Annie Oakley, Davy Crockett, Creating a Tell Tale, John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Mesa Humphreys, Old Stormolong, Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill and Regional Tall Tales) 2006.
I particularly enjoyed "Transgressive Lust," "The Conversation," "Thoughts on Transcending Stone," "Pecos Bill," "Often," "Wondering," "Father and Son," "Learning to Be Gay," and "Dear Breasts." Conversely, my interest in From the Inside Out lagged when I read the following: "American Transsexual Sacrifice," "A Trilogy of Horror and Transmutation," "Winter (Transition)," "If I Should Die Before I Wake ...
In the third act, called "Pecos," dancer Ian Casady portrays the mythological Pecos Bill, performing to an evocative commissioned score by Matthew Pierce.
"People change his gender, or he's dressed up in all these different costumes--they've made some of them into Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill. But if you look beneath the paint, you can tell that he's the muffler man, because his arms are still in this position of cradling a muffler."