a.1.(Zool.) Bearing or having feet or legs.
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Free fourth pedigerous somite about three times wider than long [209 (170230) x 609 (560-645) [micro]m] and indistinctly separated from genital complex.
Free fourth pedigerous somite wider than long [170 (160-180) x 406 (385-420) [micro]m].
The first pedigerous somite is cephalically incorporated and the three succeeding free pedigerous somites each bear a pair of biramous swimming legs.
Within the Pandaridae, representatives of Prosaetes, Cecrops, Luetkenia, Philorthagoriscus, Orthagoriscicola, and Entepherus are considered members of the Dinemoura-group based on their shared possession of a narrow third pedigerous somite and dorsal plates on the fourth pedigerous somite in the adult female and a modified leg 3 terminal endopodal segment in the adult male.