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Noun1.Pediocactus - low-growing cacti of the Great Plains of North AmericaPediocactus - low-growing cacti of the Great Plains of North America
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Cactaceae, cactus family, family Cactaceae - constituting the order Opuntiales
Knowlton's cactus, Pediocactus knowltonii - small clustering cactus of southwestern United States; a threatened species
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Pediocactus simpsonii (Engelm.) Britton 0 3.7 0 0 & Rose Penstemon comarrhenus A.
It will also harbor some of last remaining populations of the threatened Siler pincushion cactus (Pediocactus sileri) and the endangered dwarf bear poppy (Arctomecon humilis), a plant found only in Washington County, Utah.
Obre- Thelocactus gonia, Pediocactus, Pelecy- phora, Pseudomammillaria, Rapicactus.