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1. A walkway that is usually located underground or enclosed and elevated over a street to avoid intersecting vehicular traffic.
2. A network of such walkways.

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The Clerks six offices are located in downtown Chicago in the Daley Plaza Pedway and at the Cook County Circuit Court courthouses in Skokie, Markham, Maywood, Rolling Meadows and Bridgeview.
The building is shaped like an oil drop and is integrated with an adjoining light rail transit station, an outdoor pedway providing event space and a pedestrian connection with adjacent development at the complex.
The circular tile mosaic will be inset in the floor of the Rogers Place Winter Garden entrance and pedway spanning 104th Avenue.
The building also integrated into its design the support of nonvehicular traffic patterns such as an above grade pedway that will link Edmonton Clinic, the Health Academy, University of Alberta Hospital and the light rail station.
The most extended UPS can be found in North American cities such as Montreal's RESO UPS, 32 km in length covering more than 41 city blocks (Besner 2007) and Chicago's Pedway UPS, extending over 8 [km.
The design for the Olympic Steps aims at establishing the most desirable solution for replacing the Pedway, connecting the Stadium with Olympic Way.
There is an indoor pedway connecting the New Brunswick Museum, the Saint John Regional Library, the Aquatic Centre, shops in Brunswick Square and the City Market.
During debate, a number of Members indicated that they entered the Building without any delay by using their security cards in the pedway entrance.
Little shops now line an old cobblestone Chicago street (laid with a ceramic paver) and the Pedway, an underground walkway linking the subway stops and major downtown buildings.
CHL's screening suite at CRS will be located in the Central Ballroom on the Pedway, between the Nashville Convention Center and the Renaissance Hotel.