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A game for amusing a small child, in which one covers one's face or hides and then returns to view saying "Peekaboo!"
1. Decorated with embroidered holes or eyelets.
2. Made of a sheer or transparent fabric.

[peek + boo.]


(Games, other than specified) a game for young children, in which one person hides his face and suddenly reveals it and cries "peekaboo".
(Clothing & Fashion) (of a garment) made of fabric that is almost transparent or patterned with small holes
[C16: from peek + boo]


(ˈpik əˌbu)

1. a game in which one amuses a baby by suddenly revealing one's face from hiding, as from behind one's hands, and calling “Peekaboo!”
2. (of clothing) decorated with openwork.
3. made of a sheer and revealing material, as some blouses for women.
[1590–1600; peek + -a- connective + boo1]
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Noun1.peekaboo - a game played with young childrenpeekaboo - a game played with young children; you hide your face and suddenly reveal it as you say boo!
child's game - a game enjoyed by children


nKuckuckspiel nt; to play peekabookuckuck spielen
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I became a first-time great grandma in July 2017, and greeted the little one with a Peek-a-Boo Bunnies quilt from the March/April '17 issue (No.
Between the exclamation of trees, winter plays peek-a-boo with your
com/flash-spoilers-britne-oldfords-peek-boo-return-season-4-photos-2564607) reprising her role as metahuman Peek-a-Boo in Season 4, episode 1 of "The Flash.
Ofsted has just downgraded Peek-A-Boo Day Nursery, Cambridge Street in Batley, from Good to Requires Improvement.
The pop-up bubbles, peek-a-boo holes and giant windows ensure fantastic visibility of these fascinating creatures with species including the Chocolate Chip, Brittle Star and giant Sunstar.
The phenomenally popular TV fright-fest has racked up quite a following since it started back in 2011 and the latest dose of depraved, peek-a-boo horror is tipped to be its most disturbing to date.
With a lining you still get a little bit of the peek-a-boo effect but with no sheer at all (2).
Peek-a-boo to Ethan Gallagher, Poppy McCormack and Imogen Graham
The canopy, too, is extra large and gives maximum weather protection, while the peek-a-boo window is ideal for quick check-ups.
My daughter, little Lucy, is eager to explore Tiny fingers are poised, ready to open up a door To find what surprise lies hidden inside Like a game of peek-a-boo, where lots of things do hide.
Mike Crockart of Edinburgh West and Mark Lazarowicz of Edinburgh North will do the honours at Peek-a-Boo Nursery in Barnton and Stepping Stones Nursery in Wardieburn respectively.
The whole system cycles through bright and faint phases, with the central stars playing a sort of cosmic peek-a-boo as the tilted disk twirls around them.