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By increasing peer-to-peer sharing in the society, the company wants to revolutionize the way consignment stores work around the world.
Hotels are discovering that guests own and use technology more advanced than they have to offer onsite, which creates an urgency to quickly implement scalable solutions - especially when combating the technology seen from the peer-to-peer sharing economy of AirBNB and HomeAway.
In Latin America, Wall's will be encouraging peer-to-peer sharing on messaging applications to make ice cream top-of-mind as the weather warms up for summer.
Peer-to-peer sharing that demonstrates value tends to work better than a slap on the hand for non-compliance, especially in today's climate of joint-employer risk when heavy handed tactics can backfire.
This peer-to-peer sharing is genuinely effective and inspiring, and we need more of it if we are to evolve into the self improving education system we want to be.
With urban populations projected to represent 7 out of 10 people by 2050, industry experts note that car usership and peer-to-peer sharing via a mobile application is increasingly replacing car ownership as a core part of the connected lifestyle particularly among young people, commented Mark Bartolomeo, head of Internet of Things, connected solutions at Verizon.
In the United States a company called JumpSeat has developed a peer-to-peer sharing service that allows a private jet owner, or operator, to sell empty seats, ultimately saving on flight costs.
EST, a teenager in Portland, Oregon--who'd downloaded the files before the interdiction-repackaged and reposted them to a peer-to-peer sharing site with a new name, "Badass Neuro Shit You Should Check Out from Axon and Synapse.
The site is a free tool for peer-to-peer sharing of advice which we feel is the next major land grab in the online game here," Miller told Hotelier Middle East.
But the reality is peer-to-peer sharing has made it so easy for people to get the songs illegally.
We want to create a peer-to-peer sharing of information so that we can reach all our citizens.
Training and peer-to-peer sharing of best practices and solutions have worked for many hospitals.