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n.1.See Peen.
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13) PeIN lesions were further categorized in PeIN I (low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion [SIL]), PeIN II (high-grade SIL), PeIN II/III (high-grade SIL), and PeIN III (high-grade SIL).
O velorio era acompanhado exclusivamente pelas pessoas pein cujos nomes sao considerados fortes.
The PEIN hazard, of becoming economically inactive after working in the informal sector, is countercyclical and significant for young workers, and PNEI, the probability (transition) of becoming employed in the informal sector after being Not-in-the-labor force, is also counter-cyclical and significant for total and for old workers.
Taylor did not need to break sweat under the one hundred-degree lights against Pein and required only a single 180 maximum on his way to a whitewash.
If he overcomes Austria's Anton Pein, he could go head to head with Ireland's Mick Mc Go wan.
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Solid materials, such as epoxy resins or urea systems, are just as unsuitable for realistic model bones as wood, for example," says Hans Pein, the Synbone engineer responsible for developing the model bones.
I thought, "Welt, if I can't do it as myself, maybe I'll start Pein Enterprises--no, Intern Unlimited LLC.
Steven Doherty has just finished writing a book on his pein air pieces, and we're expecting them to be a hit.
Pein, Pedestrian Crash Types: A 1990's Informational Guide (Publication No.
I used a French chef knife that I tap with a ball pein hammer to cut off wings, backs, etc.
Executive producers, Joseph Merhi, Richard Pein, George Shamieh, Frank Agrama.