Peking duck

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Peking duck

A Chinese dish of roast duck with crispy skin, often served with thin pancakes, scallions, and hoisin sauce.

[After Peking (Beijing), China.]

Pe′king duck′

a Chinese dish of the crisp skin and meat of a roasted duck combined with scallions and hoisin sauce and folded in thin pancakes.
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Chinese chef of Mr Zedong prepared a fusion of delicious flavors from an innovative menu inspired by cuisines of China, Japan and Thailand such as Peking duck, lobster Kung Pao, steamed jasmine rice and wok fried broccoli to name just a few favorites.
Cheese fondue | | Steak tartare and frites | | Jamon iberico and fresh figs | | Christmas Dinner (the full deal, with Christmas pudding and brandy butter to follow) | Grilled lobster and chips | | A good, aged ribeye steak, cooked rare | A nice hot curry | | Peking Duck, hoisin pancakes
A ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted by members of the Dadabhai business family and other VIPs as Wok Station Head Chef Simon Chen prepared a special launch menu which included Crispy Peking Duck, Kai Chai Dumplings and BBQ Chicken Lettuce Wrap.
Menu highlights include pickled salmon, Bing's Peking duck, kung pao lobster, Chilean seabass and 'boom boom chicken', along with a selection of dim sum.
Full Oriental-style kitchen with hood, stir-fry burners, rice makers, Peking Duck oven, coolers/freezers, fire suppression.
Their "resident duck-master", Andy Yin, oversees the brunch serving pretty much every kind of Chinese duck dish you'd want to eat: Peking duck wraps; duck liver siew mai in chilli sauce; steamed duck bao; hot and sour duck soup; crispy fried duck fillet marinated in lemon sauce; smoked duck breast in black pepper sauce and more.
Precocious Bella and endearing Harry are on vacation again, this time in Beijing, China, where they toboggan on the Great Wall, explore the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City, practice tai chi, and snack on sweet ears and peking duck.
Delicacies from around the world including a rather crispy Peking Duck and the ultimate comfort food - a gigantic juicy burger tailored to your liking - make an appearance here.
And while Mr O makes pork belly and beef brisket chilli, Mr D builds a Peking Duck oven.
Reservations recommended: Call ahead for directions We'd actually had our fill of Peking duck by the time we made our way to Duck De Chine, Beijing's hippest joint for it's famous roast duck.
I would say either our Peking Duck ice cream (Peking duck skins, hoisin sauce, Chinese 5-spice base and crushed fortune cookies) or our Ants on a Log ice cream (celery and peanut butter ice cream with raisins) that we actually made for Portlandia and in honor of their "Celery" episode for SXSW this year.
For Peking duck, for instance, the country can boast of its avian influenza-free status as a guarantee," the DA chief said.