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A member of a people living in the region of the Aegean Sea before the coming of the Greeks.

[Middle English, from Latin Pelasgus, from Greek Pelasgos.]

Pe·las′gi·an, Pe·las′gic (-jĭk) adj.


(Historical Terms) a member of any of the pre-Hellenic peoples (the Pelasgi) who inhabited Greece and the islands and coasts of the Aegean Sea before the arrival of the Bronze Age Greeks
(Historical Terms) of or relating to these peoples


(pəˈlæz dʒi ən, -dʒən, -gi ən)

a member of a people inhabiting parts of the S Balkan Peninsula, Aegean islands, and the coast of Asia Minor prior to the Hellenic invasions of the 2nd millennium b.c.
[1480–90; « Greek Pelásgi(os) Pelasgian + -an1]
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Those again who held Pelasgic Argos, Alos, Alope, and Trachis; and those of Phthia and Hellas the land of fair women, who were called Myrmidons, Hellenes, and Achaeans; these had fifty ships, over which Achilles was in command.
If they do not out-vote them, the people of Germanic, of Slavonic, of Pelasgic, of Mongolian stock outnumber the prepotent Celts; and March seldom found his speculation centered upon one of these.
For Emerson the United States was the "asylum of all nations," and he predicted that "the energy of Irish, Swedes, Poles, and Cossacks, and all the European tribes--of the Africans, and of the Polynesians, will construct a new race, a new religion, a new state, a new literature, which will be as vigorous as the new Europe which came out of the smelting-pot of the Dark Ages, or that which earlier emerged from Pelasgic and Etruscan barbarism.