Pele's hair

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Pe·le's hair

Thin strands of volcanic glass that form when lava ejected from a volcano is spun out and stretched by the wind.

[Translation of Hawaiian lauoho o Pele : from lauoho, hair of the head (lau, leaf, frond + oho, hair of the head) + o, of + Pele, volcano goddess (from pele, lava flow).]

Pele's hair

(ˈpeɪleɪz; ˈpiːliːz)
(Geological Science) fine threads of volcanic glass formed from molten lava by the action of wind, explosion, etc
[C20: translation of Hawaiian lauoho-o Pele, from Pele, name of the goddess of volcanoes]
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Backing Miller's hopes for a draw are the staff and customers of Pele's hair dresser's who have put their money where their mouths are.
Scientists have even adopted the myth, in a way: To this day, long thin strands of volcanic glass created by eruptions on Hawaiian islands are called Pele's hair, a fitting tribute to the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes.
The goddess has even been incorporated into geological terminology: Pele's hair (fine filaments of lava spun into glass) and Pele's tears (tiny droplets of hardened lava shaped into tears) can be seen throughout the park, and at nearby Thomas A.