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 (pə-lā′), Mount
A volcano, 1,397 m (4,583 ft) high, on northern Martinique in the French West Indies. Its eruption on May 8, 1902, killed some 40,000 people.


(Placename) Mount Pelée a volcano in the Caribbean, in N Martinique: erupted in 1902, killing every person but one in the town of Saint-Pierre. Height: 1463 m (4800 ft)



Mount, a volcano in the West Indies, on the island of Martinique: eruption 1902. 4428 ft. (1350 m).
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Kipling and a good many others have demonstrated the fact that animals can express themselves in remunerative English, and no magazine goes to press nowadays without an animal story in it, except the old-style monthlies that are still running pictures of Bryan and the Mont Pelee horror.
The deadliest eruption of the 20th Century was Mount Pelee in Martinique, in 1902 when the death toll reached 33,000 and the city of St Pierre was destroyed.
Uno se explica que Ricardo Anaya pelee ferozmente por defender su imagen afectada por las acusaciones en un reportaje periodistico, pero no se explica que un partido como Accion Nacional, el cual aun en los momentos mas dificiles ha respetado las instituciones de la republica, se deje arrastrar a una situacion que pone en riesgo la gobernabilidad de una de las Camaras del Poder Legislativo.
did Mount Pelee erupt in 1902, destroying the city of Saint-Pierre?
To that end, the survey party made observations from Point Pelee on the Canadian side of Lake Erie.
The seven municipalities in Essex County, plus Pelee Island, are sharing a further $32 million for 48 infrastructure projects.
1902: Mount Pelee erupted on the island of Martinique, destroying the town of St Pierre and killing more than 30,000 people.
When de Clieu arrived here in 1720, it was in the mountains south of Mount Pelee where he planted the first tree and from which he started taking cuttings and seeds to expand production.
John Sandlos' review of the 1922 Chippewa occupation of Point Pelee National Park highlights how federal officials used internal divisions within the Indigenous community to dismiss the territorial claims underlying the occupation.
scientists investigating an eruption of Mount Pelee on the Caribbean island of Martinique.
It is set on Pelee Island in Lake Erie, and is based on local history and Native myth.