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1. Any of several tropical American trees of the genus Peltogyne of the pea family, having very hard, durable brown wood that turns a purple color on exposure.
2. The purplish heartwood of any of these trees, used in furniture, turnery, and decorative work.

Pur′ple Heart′

a medal awarded U.S. service personnel for wounds received in action against an enemy.
[1930–35, Amer.]


(ˈpɜr pəlˌhɑrt)

the hard purplish wood of any of several South American trees belonging to the genus Peltogyne, of the legume family, used for making furniture.
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Caesalpiniaceae Heterostemon mimosoides Caesalpiniaceae Macrolobium angustifolium (2) Caesalpiniaceae Mora paraensis Caesalpiniaceae Peltogyne venosa Caesalpiniaceae Peltogyne sp.
We used populations data of the following timber species: Astronium lecointei Ducke (Anacardiaceae), with 1 296 trees; Dinizia excelsa Ducke (Fabaceae), with 986 trees; and Peltogyne paniculata Benth.
Amerindian complaints about the destructive nature of uncontrolled forest harvesting were documented from 1815 onwards and may have been directed primarily at the selective felling of purpleheart (Peltogyne venosa) and crabwood (Carapa guianensis) trees (Menezes 1988, 355).
Some species such as Peltogyne gracilipes Ducke (Caesalpiniaceae) are distributed in stands, while Pradosia surinamensis (Eyma) T.D.Penn and Ecclinusa guianensis Eyma (Sapotaceae), Tetragastrispanamensis (Engl.) Kuntze (Burseraceae), Brosimum lactescens (S.Moore) C.C.Berg.
(25-30 especies) Crudia (55 especies) Cynometra (80-90 especies) Dicymbe (19 especies) Ecuadendron (1 especie) Elizabetha (11 especies) Eperua (14 especies) Goniorrhachis (1 especie) Guibourtia (16 especies) Heterostemon (7 especies) Hymenaea (14 especies) Macrolobium (70-80 especies) Paloue (4 especies) Paloveopsis (1 especie) Peltogyne (25 especies) Prioria (1 especie) Tamarindus * [1 especie 1 cultivada y naturalizada (?) en Sudamerica] Thylacanthus* [1 especie introducida (?) en Sudamerica]