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1. Any of several tropical American trees of the genus Peltogyne of the pea family, having very hard, durable brown wood that turns a purple color on exposure.
2. The purplish heartwood of any of these trees, used in furniture, turnery, and decorative work.

Pur′ple Heart′

a medal awarded U.S. service personnel for wounds received in action against an enemy.
[1930–35, Amer.]


(ˈpɜr pəlˌhɑrt)

the hard purplish wood of any of several South American trees belonging to the genus Peltogyne, of the legume family, used for making furniture.
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2006) examined Peltogyne paniculata (purpleheart wood) and found that the fungi Pycnoporus sanguineus presented the lowest weight loss (4.
Some species such as Peltogyne gracilipes Ducke (Caesalpiniaceae) are distributed in stands, while Pradosia surinamensis (Eyma) T.
A monodominancia de Peltogyne gracilipes na Ilha de Maraca, Roraima, foi caracterizada por Nascimento e Proctor (1997) onde a especie representa 20% de todos os individuos da floresta e 53% da area basal total do fragmento estudado.
Fluorescence in Caryocar costaricense, Copaifera aromatica, Astronium graveolens, Mora oleifera and Myroxylon balsamum was green, greenish, or weak green, whereas in Dussia macroprophyllata, Lecythis ampla, Hymenolobium mesoamericanum, Peltogyne purpurea and Tachigali versicolor it was yellow, yellowish or weak yellow (Table 3).
Los ejemplares mas antiguos corresponden a Peltogyne paniculata y Poeppigia procera recolectados por Mutis [No.
Dosel con una altura promedio de 20 m y emergentes de hasta 30 m, donde predominan Amphirrox longifolia, Andira inermes, Eschweilera coriacea, Macrolobium ischnocalyx y Peltogyne purpurea.
25-30 especies) Crudia (55 especies) Cynometra (80-90 especies) Dicymbe (19 especies) Ecuadendron (1 especie) Elizabetha (11 especies) Eperua (14 especies) Goniorrhachis (1 especie) Guibourtia (16 especies) Heterostemon (7 especies) Hymenaea (14 especies) Macrolobium (70-80 especies) Paloue (4 especies) Paloveopsis (1 especie) Peltogyne (25 especies) Prioria (1 especie) Tamarindus * [1 especie 1 cultivada y naturalizada (?
12,0 20 Caesalpiniaceae Eperua bijuga 11,0 21 Caesalpiniaceae Hymenaea courbaril 3,00 22 Caesalpiniaceae Peltogyne paniculata 1,00 subsp.
Peltogyne species including Peltogyne pubescens, Peltogyne paniculata, Petogyne porphyrocardia, Peltogyne venosa and Peltogyne densifloro of the Family Caesalpiniaceae (Leguminosae)
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