Hip bone

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(Anat.) the innominate bone; - called also haunch bone and huckle bone.

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We are temporarily setting aside our original plan to seek assistance for his dialysis because fixing his pelvic bone is more important at this time,' Jahleen said.
Pelvic chondrosarcomas can appear in various pathologic neoplasms, other than pure chondrosarcoma arising from the pelvic bone, such as chondrogenic tumors of the ovaries or heterologous carcinosarcomas of the uterus.
No age estimate could be obtained based on pubic symphysis morphology of the right pelvic bone (#6) because the pubis was missing.
7] all patients with symptomatic pelvic bone fractures had pain as the first symptom.
The Hunter's Bone Buster will be capable of cutting through the pelvic bone without perforating the urine sack or waste tubes.
During such physical activities, avulsion fracture of the pelvic bone can occur due to an abrupt and strong traction to the pelvic spine by the musculotendinous junction of the muscles.
They had no clue that the pelvic bone so old and wise
Viking Solutions has a new tool that takes the difficulty out of splitting the chest cavity and pelvic bone of big game animals.
In case 2, the top radiological consideration would rather be a primary Ewing's sarcoma of the pelvic bone with extension into the adjacent soft tissue; radiologically, it is impossible to differentiate from the other members of the Ewing's family.
I had five vertebrae and four discs fused with pelvic bone and titanium plates.
A clinical study is launching in Florida to test the use of stem cells from pelvic bone marrow to restore tissue and improve heart function after muscle damage from heart attacks.
He suffered a pelvic bone fracture and experienced excessive bleeding .