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An island of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean north of Zanzibar. In the 1500s and 1600s the Portuguese occupied the island, which was under British control from 1890 until Tanzania was formed in 1964.


(Placename) an island in the Indian Ocean, off the E coast of Africa north of Zanzibar: part of Tanzania; produces most of the world's cloves. Chief town: Chake Chake. Pop: 362 166 (2002). Area: 984 sq km (380 sq miles)


(ˈpɛm bə)

an island of Tanzania near the E coast of Africa. 207,919; 380 sq. mi. (984 sq. km).
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Smaller, greener and less-developed, Pemba attracts just a fraction of the region's visitors and is the focus of Australian adventure travel company Intrepid's new Spice Islands sailing tour.
Currently under a different management, The Aiyana, Pemba Island will start a new chapter under the management of Constance Hospitality Management from January 1, 2018.
For the Tanzania study, all healthy infants aged 1-48 hours and born in a health facility or in the community on Pemba Island between May 2011 and August 2014 were eligible for inclusion; half of newborns (18,015) were randomly assigned to the intervention group and half (18,384) to the control group.
prince cheers up little Pemba Sherpa, one of 16 badly burned kids being cared for in the unit in Kathmandu
KUWAIT - Ambassador to Tanzania Jassim Al-Najem inaugurates Abdulrahman Al-Sumait center, of the Kuwait-based Direct Aid Society's Africa Muslim Agency, in Pemba Island in Zanzibar region.
In the wake of this impending growth boom, port infrastructure is being built in Pemba and Palma.
ZANZIBAR - SEVEN NIGHTS ALL INCLUSIVE AT FUNDU LAGOON FROM PS1,865 PER PERSON SAVING PS1,463 PER COUPLE TRAVEL from now until February 28 and save PS1,463 per couple at this delightfully laidback resort on Pemba island just off Zanzibar's east coast, a Turquoise Holidays favourite.
Although Pemba (1932-2011) was by no means supportive of the Chinese invasion, describing its cruelty with gruesome detail towards the end of the novel (199-210), he is very critical of the mores and customs of pre-communist Tibet.
The gust gave an invitation to the Chairman of Muscat Municipality to visit Pemba Island (Green Island).
The Indian centre- fire pistol team of Vijay, Pemba Tamang and Gurpreet Singh bagged silver in this, the last pistol event of the Games.
In Pemba, Zanzibar, a prospective study calculated an adjusted rate for typhoid fever of 110 cases/100,000 population/ year (4).
In early June, the company announced it would increase its service to Pemba to twice a week.