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1. (Placename) a town in SW Wales, in Pembrokeshire on Milford Haven: 11th-century castle where Henry VII was born. Pop (with Pembroke Dock): 15 890 (2001)
2. (Breeds) the smaller variety of corgi, usually having a short tail


(ˈpɛm brʊkˌʃɪər, -ʃər, -broʊk-)

a historic county in Dyfed, in SW Wales. Also called Pembroke.
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Noun1.Pembroke - the smaller and straight-legged variety of corgi having pointed ears and a short tailPembroke - the smaller and straight-legged variety of corgi having pointed ears and a short tail
corgi, Welsh corgi - either of two Welsh breeds of long-bodied short-legged dogs with erect ears and a fox-like head
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He wrote 'Arcadia' for the amusement of his sister, the Countess of Pembroke, during a period of enforced retirement beginning in 1580, but the book was not published until ten years later.
Born in London in 1552, the son of a clothmaker, Spenser past from the newly established Merchant Taylors' school to Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, as a sizar, or poor student, and during the customary seven years of residence took the degrees of B.
Some of them are occupied with urging a youth of high rank, Shakspere's patron, who may have been either the Earl of Southampton or William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, to marry and perpetuate his race; others hint the story, real or imaginary, of Shakspere's infatuation for a 'dark lady,' leading to bitter disillusion; and still others seem to be occasional expressions of devotion to other friends of one or the other sex.
Knightley must take his seat with the rest round the large modern circular table which Emma had introduced at Hartfield, and which none but Emma could have had power to place there and persuade her father to use, instead of the smallsized Pembroke, on which two of his daily meals had, for forty years been crowded.
I do not wonder that Newton, with an attention habitually engaged on the paths of planets and suns, should have wondered what the Earl of Pembroke found to admire in "stone dolls.
The old Galkoff's kosher butchers, in Pembroke Place, closed years ago, but its green tiles and gold lettering remained a landmark to generations of travellers along the busy road.
Assist the pembroke local council in all related legal matters
And now Pembroke has a new claim to fame - it has been voted the most desirable place to live in Wales.
Pembroke: A Rural, Black Community on the Illinois Dunes examines the history of the Pembroke Township, one of the most impoverished locations in America.
11 May 2016 - Australian coal assets acquisition company Pembroke Resources has acquired from various Australian subsidiaries of US-based coal company Peabody Energy Inc.
The event featured stories from local residents and business owners as they shared the challenges and struggles they are fighting every day here in Pembroke Pines.
SEVENTY-FIVE years ago next month Admiralty Oil Tanks at Pembroke Dock were bombed by the Luftwaffe causing a massive fire which directly led to the deaths of five Cardiff firefighters.

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