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(ˈpɛmbrʊkˌʃɪə; -ʃə)
(Placename) a county of SW Wales, on the Irish Sea and the Bristol Channel: formerly (1974–96) part of Dyfed: a hilly peninsula with a deeply indented coast: tourism, agriculture, oil refining. Administrative centre: Haverfordwest Pop: 116 300 (2003 est). Area: 1589 sq km (614 sq miles)


(ˈpɛm brʊkˌʃɪər, -ʃər, -broʊk-)

a historic county in Dyfed, in SW Wales. Also called Pembroke.
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The six finds - unearthed in Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire - range in date from 800 BC to the 16th century.
IT'S not every day you'd find an award-winning chef stood in a field of potatoes grasping a fork and a bag full of freshly-dug produce, but Will Holland isn't any ordinary chef and Pembrokeshire Earlies are no ordinary potatoes.
EXPLORE SOUTH WALES INVITE friends and family along for a break at a 19th century farmhouse in Pembrokeshire.
Contract notice: Provision of a Pembrokeshire Carers Service.
At a meeting to take place with Rebecca Evans AM, Deputy Minister for Farming and Food, at Pembrokeshire Show this week, potato grower and NFU Cymru Pembrokeshire county vice chairman, Walter Simon, will raise the issue of cross compliance and changes implemented from January 2015, which prohibit winter ploughing and leaving land with a rough surface - a practice that is vital for the production of Pembrokeshire early potatoes.
In West Wales, Pembrokeshire is bordered on three sides by the sea.
RESULTS IN FULL, SOLO 16 AND UNDER: 1 Enlli Lloyd Pugh, Eryri SOLO 26 AND UNDER: 1 Luke McCall, Meirionnydd SOLO 26 AND UNDER: 1 Joy Cornock, Pembrokeshire HYMN SOLO: 1 David Price, Brycheiniog INSTRUMENTAL SOLO: 1 Katy Harries, Pembrokeshire MUSICAL OR FILM SOLO: 1 Meilir Wyn Jones, Maldwyn FOLK SOLO: 1 Catrin Raymond, Pembrokeshire VOCAL ENSEMBLE: 1.
Two more beach wheelchairs are available to help people with mobility problems to enjoy the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park--thanks to a team of rowers, riders and ramblers.
IN early September the coastline of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is littered with hundreds of fluffy white baby seals as the annual seal-pupping season peaks.
THE whole of the Pembrokeshire coast should be declared a potential accident blackspot.
And thanks to a new series of free, themed guides to Pembrokeshire, you won't just be left admiring the scenery.

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