Pen and ink

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executed or done with a pen and ink; as, a pen and ink sketch.

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Heather Branchaud of South Eugene High School received an award for her photograph titled "Splattered," as did Haley Wiltshire of Academy of Arts and Academics for her marker and pen drawing titled "Inside My Head."
In all, PS5,500 was raised with the top auction lot, a limited edition pen drawing by Kate Simpson, a member of Alnwick's neighbouring young farmers' club Tritlington, going for PS300.
The CT6100 circular chart recorder combines the simplicity and clarity of pen drawing with the versatility of microprocessor control while providing a high level of accuracy and stability.
Circular chart recorders from OMEGA Engineering combine the simplicity and clarity of pen drawing with the versatility of microprocessor control.
A number of black and white pen drawing illustrations enrich the text.
The shamed British Tory peer, serving four years for perjury, even included his prison number FF8282 on the pen drawing.
Bibeau's colored pencil and pen drawing, "Train," earned second place in the seventh annual holiday card contest
Also, #121 is a unique print made up of a collage from parts of MANDALA #120 and #115, and #117 is made up of the felt tip pen drawing plus certain elements of the same drawing that Conner altered by collage before the lithograph was printed.
An ink pen drawing by Baden-Powell is also part of the collection.
Eight visual artists will display their work: Francisco Alfaro (digital art and traditional art), Marissa Barnette (graphite, charcoals, paints, chalks, crayons, colored pencil and photography), Courtney Mensah (photography), Diego Morales (pen and ink), KC Phelan (colored pencil/ink pen), Alma Salgado (charcoal, pastel drawings, ink pen drawings, painting), Xavier Villarreal (digital photography) and Lucinda Vistain (2D animation).
WINNER musician Song Min-ho has revealed an unexpected aspect to his extraordinary talent a his fabulous pen drawings. The hip-hop artist got a chance to show off his other artistic side to fans on television this week.
These are some pieces of work from my "A to Z of Cardiff" project, which through progression and natural development has turned into a series of pen drawings.