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1. the tip of a pen
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) (with respect to literature) clarity, precision, effectiveness



1. the writing end of a pen, esp. a small, tapering, metallic device with a split tip for drawing up ink and for writing; nib.
2. the tip or point of a ballpoint or other pen.
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Although the riser is only approximately eight inches wide, PenPoint takes the opportunity to further reduce mass weight through a series of cutouts.
Operating instructions with installation manual, Power cord (10 ft/3m), Wall mounting plate, Electronic pen, Batteries ([P 03AAA), USB Cable (16 ft/S mL Penpoint, Software CD-ROM
The penpoint gunnel (Apodichthys flavidus) is a member of the perciform family Pholidae.
She mentions the publishing opportunities then available: student journals such as Penpoint and literary journals such as Transition.
Famous Capricorns: PenPoint, SuperBase, WordPerfect for the Mac.
Prior to joining Macromedia, Meyrowitz was the director of software at GO Corporation, directing the groups that develop the graphics, handwriting, application frameworks, system applications, user interface, and international components of the PenPoint operating system.
Virtually every one of the contenders--Windows, OS/2, NT, Unix, Geos, PenPoint, the new RISC platforms, the various palmtop and "personal digital assistants," Taligent, and even DOS--has a reasonable shot at ending up in the money; there are a few longshots but no obvious scratches in this year's race.
To the best of our knowledge, not one general purpose database or accounting package can directly generate bar code output, and there's no system-level support for bar code in windows, the Macintosh, PenPoint, or any other operating environment.
As the director of software engineering at GO Corporation, he was instrumental in the development of the PenPoint Operating.
PenPoint's impact is extraordinarily hard to predict; like the early Macintosh, PenPoint challenges basic assumptions about personal computing (perhaps that's the best evidence of how innovative GO's approach is).
Taylor also held the position of Chief Architect for EO, where he developed and shipped three versions of PenPoint, GO's award-winning, object-oriented operating system for PDAs.
In addition, Vierra has held positions as the designer, product manager, and producer for the game "Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka" (which was nominated for 1995 "Sports Game of the Year") and lead architect and developer for the email/fax component of the award winning PenPoint operating system.