n.1.Slope; inclination.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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h ess time rison ctors decide pendence m on a bus to It begins with a challenging experiment.
It's being by a group called which brings together number e first-ever e is being g organised led AUOB ogether an rganised Cymru, umber which who 's All ove-000 ok 00 npendjority h groups w pendence f Scotland' anner mo up has 40,0 its Faceboo ects 100,00 s of Edin ch on May of other Welsh support independence are a spin-off of Scotland's Under One Banner movement.
This is not the case for many African women, who still face hurdles to financial inde- pendence, beginning in the home where their spouse controls the finances.
In economic and banking sector manage- ment, getting that delicate balance between political ideology and growth and development requires the requisite political vision and inde- pendence in leadership and decision-making.
For authoritarian political parties long used to a monopoly on information, the impact of social media, mass mobile access and editorial inde- pendence will prove increasingly disruptive.
Its journalism has 95 years of heritage and a reputation for editorial inde- pendence and fact checking.
Puigdemont, who declared inde pendence last week, has fled to Bel- gium and refused to appear in court on rebellion and sedition charges.
Fidel Castro has responded to Barack Obama's historic trip to Cuba with a lengthy and scornful letter that recounts the history of US aggression against Cuba and reasserts its indeA[degrees] pendence with a warning to the American leader that 'we don't need the empire to give us any presents'.
Pakistani Ambas- sador to the United Nations, Dr Maleeha Lodhi Friday rang the opening bell at the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in New York to signal the start of trading on Wall Street at an impressive ceremony that marked Pakistan's 69th Inde- pendence Day.
(1999) The de pendence of seacliff erosion rates on cliff material properties and physical processes: San Diego County, California.
Acamprosate: a prototypic neuromodulator in the treatment of alcohol de pendence. CNS & Neurological Disorders--Drug Targets, 9, 23-32.
The only thing left to wonder is would Liverpool vote yes to inde pendence, or - like Scotland - decide we're "Better Together"?