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Researchers analysing the Prisoners' Penfriends scheme currently operating in 52 prisons in England and Wales revealed it was improving prisoner wellbeing, offering early warning of potential suicide and improving the chances of successful rehabilitation.
In the days of snail mail, there was a phenomenon known as penfriends.
The video was to be shown to Russian students and it was hoped that children in Kustanai would have the chance to see it, including the penfriends of the St John's pupils.
Agnes' daughter Jacky Quirke explained the story behind the moving meeting: "While spending a Saturday evening in August 2011 with my parents like I normally do, I asked them both did they ever have penfriends when they were growing up?
And so it was that I and a gang of fellow Derby railway kids found ourselves heading for France when we were 12, with just a year or two of French lessons behind us, to stay with our newly-acquired French penfriends.
90s 1991 Letters from Tyneside schoolkids touched Gulf pilot Flt Lt Mark Robinson so much he made sure his young Geordie penfriends received a personal thank you.
It emerges the pair had been long-time penfriends, although attempts by Kim to encourage Ms Hart to liberalise her views had been unsuccessful.
I now have several penfriends who suffer from depression and I try to use my experience to boost their morale and low self-esteem, which is often a reason for their problem.
And we'll immediately discount making friends on the internet or penfriends.
The children we are sponsoring write to both my daughters as penfriends and when they write that we are the most important people in their life, you feel very humble.
The penfriends married while Hoare was still in Wakefield Prison in 1993 although Irene did not know he was jailed for rape.