Contour feathers

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(Zool.) those feathers that form the general covering of a bird.

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It was possible to make one species-level identification of Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) from the pillow sample because small fragments of the distal pennaceous feather were present in the sample (Fig.
Apart from paleontologists and creationists, nobody much cares whether those fossils that keep turning up in China really belonged to a dinosaur with pennaceous feathers. The discovery of the most distant known galaxy this past spring didn't produce a sudden wave of excitement and awe as we looked up at the sky and contemplated our place in the cosmos.
Feathers derive from a complex process of morphogenesis inside embryonic feather filaments that begins with the formation of barb ridges and terminates with the formation of barbs, free in plumulaceous feathers and regularly joined to a rachis in pennaceous feathers (Lucas & Stettenheim, 1972; Chuong & Widelitz, 1999; Prum & Dyck, 2003; Sawyer & Knapp, 2003).