Pennine Alps

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Pen·nine Alps

A range of the Alps extending southwest to northeast along the Swiss-Italian border from Great St. Bernard Pass to Simplon Pass. It rises to 4,634 m (15,203 ft) at Monte Rosa.

Pennine Alps

pl n
(Placename) a range of the Alps between Switzerland and Italy. Highest peak: Monte Rosa, 4634 m (15 204 ft)

Pen′nine Alps′

(ˈpɛn aɪn)
a mountain range on the border between Switzerland and Italy: part of the Alps. Highest peak, Monte Rosa, 15,217 ft. (4640 m).
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Located only three kilometres east of Zermatt is Gornergrat - a rocky ridge of the Pennine Alps.
Ten minutes out of Malpensa, a truly magic vision rewards the passenger who hasn't been distracted by electronic gadgets: an overview of the Pennine Alps, a subgroup within the larger chain that contains possibly the most beautiful mountains in the world.